Yvette Arelano’s Friends Grill Mohammad Abdelhammed: Hey, someone has to ask

What are friends for?

In the next episode 90 day engagementSit down with Yvette Arellano and Mohammad Abdelhamed, Yve’s friends, Tatiana, Jen, and Rochelle.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But his friends know that the production wants to stir them up … and they do More Yve won’t be happier than asking that question.

Mohamed Abdelhammed comes to see what Yvette Arelano is doing

It goes without saying that Mohammed did not impress the audience.

On her first morning in America, Yvette gets excited when she goes to work without having breakfast in bed.

In last week’s episode, Mohamed Yew was advised to write a list of new “rules” to follow when he claimed he could not talk to a plumber one by one.

Mohammed Abdelhammed - So I'm glad you're learning one more rule for today

In Season 9, Episode 7, Mohammed sits down with Tatiana, Jane and Rochelle, the same friend with whom Yvette discussed in her first episode.

There is a long history of using family and friends to bring uncomfortable things (yes, producers aggregate them) to bring these conversations to the screen.

Tatiana, Jane and Rochelle are doing it as a favor to Yvette … but beyond the real concern for her relationship. They want to know Mohammed.

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 01

As soon as this complete hiding started, Mohammed told the camera that he was not too impressed by the event squad.

“My first impression of Eve’s friends, they’re weird,” she admits.

“I feel like they’re trying to see how I react because I’m a Muslim,” she guesses, “so they show off their breasts more, and I don’t need to see it.”

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 02

Honestly, their outfits look more or less comparable to what they wore when they sat down with Yvette in the previous episode.

However, the mix has a push-up bra that was not there before.

Coincidentally or by design? Maybe both a little. Women all look great, both ways.

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 03

Yvette leaves awkwardly drinking wine, having previously shared that she would drink less with Mohammed in her life.

However, he assured his friends that he would not mind if they drank.

Then, Tatiana asks if she’s ready for some “power round” questions, which she agrees with.

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 04

Mohammed admitted that he had never had sex with another woman.

(They had to clarify what they meant by “getting close” because it was a phonetic thing)

Mohammed shared that he had never kissed or hugged another woman before Eve.

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 05

Many American fundamentalist communities have seen viral wedding videos where the groom and groom have never kissed and how they do not know very clearly.

Naturally, Yvette’s friends were a little curious (okay, very curious) about how Mohammed was able to adapt when he met Yewet.

“How do you know then what to do?” Mohammed was asked. “Have you ever seen porn?”

Yvette and Mohammed 9x07 06

Even in America it is a question of polarization, where some may not turn a blind eye but when Emily feeds her son the audience jumps into their seats and will probably feel like Mohammed.

“In Egypt, no one would ask such a question,” he told the confessional camera.

“He’s sitting and talking about sex. I don’t want to be here, but I’m doing it for Eve,” Mohammad insisted. “I don’t want to upset Eve but it’s very difficult.”

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